Bodega Bamz and the Tanboys have released the artwork and tracklist for their upcoming mixtape titled Menace TAN Society which will be out later this year. The mix tape features a variety of Hispanic MCs from around the country with appearances from Lil Eto, Bonnie B, Kanary Black, Tanboy Luka and Rossi Rock.

Menace TAN Society Bodega Bamz T.A.N.Boyz tracklist Below
Duck Down

Track Listing
“The Ceremony” – by A$AP Ferg
“Rebel Rousers” – Bodega Bamz , Kanary Black , Bonnie B , Lil Eto & Rossi Rock (prod. Frankie P)
“We On That Shit” – Bodega Bamz (prod. Slurrty)
“Henny Straight” – Ohla & Bodega Bamz (prod. keyz kilohz)
“Nyc2 the 305″ – Bonnie B, Bodega Bamz & Kanary Black (prod. Danger)
“SuavCity” – Rossi Rock (prod. Aaron)
“Gangbang” – Tanboy Luka , Kanary Black , lil Eto & Bodega Bamz (prod. The Usual Suspects)
“Bad Man” – Collie Buddz & Bodega Bamz (prod. Phraze & Rell)
“Ride” – Tanboy Luka , lil Eto , Kanary Black & Bodega Bamz (Rico Suave)
“Get Away” – lil Eto (prod. V’Don)
“On da Block” – Ohla , Bodega Bamz , Bonnie B , lil Eto & Kanary Black (prod. Danger)
“The Game” – Tanboy Luka, Le$ , Dark ATM , Bodega Bamz (prod. Crada)
“The Nation” – Kanary Black (prod. T-No)
“Be like We” – Bodega Bamz , Dro Fe , Kap G (prod. Slash Major)
“Stressing” – Bodega Bamz (prod. J Boger)
“Hpic” – Bodega Bamz & Lil Eto ( Slash Major)
“Finesse” – Bonnie B – (prod. Trauma Tone)
“Fuku2″ – Bonnie B , Zombie Juice aka Issac blaze (prod. Fatir)
“Room Service” – Ohla , Bodega Bamz & Lil Eto (prod. Vocab Beats)
“Closing Ceremony” – by Stephen Accardo

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