Life + Times sits down for a candid interview with 40 0z NY creator 40 oz Van.

The name 40oz Van rings bells, and for various reasons. Just ask fans of the Bronx-born Jack-of-all-trades how they know of Van and you’ll probably get a few different answers. You’ll hear of his NSFW Tumblr page, which has garnered millions of visitors since its 2010 debut. You’ll also hear of the highly entertaining tweets like “A hood shorty will show you more love than an industry shorty, the clothes just don’t be up to par, that’s about it” or ” Creep with shorty weather” that can be found daily via his Twitter page. You’ll definitely hear of his snapback hats that normally sell out within hours of their release. And depending on the age of who you’re asking and their proximity to NYC’s Washington Heights, you’ll more than likely hear of the barbecue-turned-block party, 40oz Bounce that had gotten so out of control one year that helicopters were called to the area. Whether followers of Van know him as an Internet celebrity or as an in-demand designer they all can agree he is a hustler, switching from lucrative hustle to even more lucrative hustle. Life + Times recently stopped by Van’s office to chat with the Chopped Cheese connoisseur and learned a little more about how he got this name, his booming snapback business and him dropping $10,000 on Vanson jackets while in high school.

Life + Times: How did you get the name 40oz Van?
40oz Van: The “40oz” part is from my barbeque where I use to give out free 40oz bottles of beer and the “Van” part was because I use to wear a lot of Vans when I was younger, so the “Van” was always there. Everybody would be like “That’s the guy that got the 40oz,” so I just combine the two for 40oz Van. And it just stuck with me.

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